Esperanza Spalding’s ‘Radio Music Society’ Is On The Right Frequency » SOULBOUNCE.COM


This is my review of Esperanza Spalding’s new album Radio Music Society, which is out today. Fantastic, very entertaining album.


Esperanza Spalding’s ‘Radio Music Society’ Is On The Right Frequency » SOULBOUNCE.COM.


Stimulus & Chris Dave’s ‘3rd 1st Impression’ Leaves All The Right Ones » SOULBOUNCE.COM

Stimulus & Chris Dave’s ‘3rd 1st Impression’ Leaves All The Right Ones » SOULBOUNCE.COM.

FYI I recently started reviewing mixtapes on This is the most recent one, on Stimulas and Chris Dave’s – First Third Impression.  Hope you enjoy it.

3 Reasons Why The Bloom is Off the Rose for Me With Spotify

I had a gut feeling it would come to this.

I waited a few weeks before jumping on the Spotify bandwagon, knowing I was perfectly happy with Amazon’s Cloud Player. I uploaded my iTunes library. I listened at work and at home. Then the kinks started to show. Below is my summation.

1. Spotify is not “all music anywhere all the time no hassle and all your playlists”.

Nope. No way. Not even close.

2. Spotify is more like Pandora than you’ve been led to believe.

  • It plays commercials. More than you want.
  • Not every song that you want to play will play when you want to. Many times I get this ‘the song you’ve selected is not available at the moment’ error. No reason, no uptime to fix. Ironically or not it happened on brand new releases such as Beyonce 4 or Watch the Throne.
  • Not every song you want to listen is available.

3. Playlist management is an oxymoron with Spotify.  

This one just gripes my butt.

To paraphrase their iPhone commercial, “if you don’t have iTunes, well, you don’t have iTunes.’ In iTunes, and Amazon Cloud Player for that matter, if you update, add, delete, or refresh your playlists, it updates the net changes, and off you go. With Spotify,  when you sync to update your playlists, guess what? You get duplicate databases. Now, I didn’t discover this ‘minor detail’ until I tried to sync with Spotify for Android, and ran out of room way before I should have.  When I went back to Spotify Desktop,  I discovered I had iTunes, iTunes2, and iTunes3 databases.   Then, as if to  twist the knife once they have it in your ribs, Spotify doesn’t let you highlight and delete multiple playlists. You have to right mouse delete one at a time.  :\                                                                                                        

So, will I use it occasionally? Yeah. Is it going to be my primary cloud music system?

Not hardly, unless they make some massive changes.